What To Consider When Renting A Car In Tweed Heads or the Gold Coast

Car rental companies can be a real-lifesaver when you are visiting Tweed Heads from a far-off destination or when you find yourself in a sticky situation without a mode of transportation. A rental company can also be a terrific solution when you are travelling as a group and need something that can accommodate a larger passenger count.

These types of rental companies often go above and beyond to accommodate travellers by offering additional services like airport pickups and drop-offs. Everything about car rental services is easy and convenient.

There are, however, a couple of important considerations to keep in mind when renting a car in Tweed Heads. Let’s take a look at the most important things to keep in mind.

Consider Your Starting Point

Are you entering Tweed Heads from the Gold Coast Airport? Or are you renting from a local company in the city? Your vehicle will need to be dropped off at your location. It is important to consider the rental companies’ drop-off rates or policies. For example, at Boyds Bay Car Rentals in Tweeds Heads, we offer free airport transfers but may request a small fee to drop the vehicle off at your location. In any case, you will need to arrange a vehicle drop-off so you can proceed via car rental from that location onward.

Consider Vehicle Size

When it comes to rental cars, most people will try to avoid something overly large and bulky. Small vehicle types are easier to navigate through busy streets. With that said, the vehicle should still have ample seating for all passengers and enough storage space. Some vehicles can also be paired with a trailer so you can haul a lot more luggage with you.

The easiest way to determine vehicle type is by regarding your passenger count and the amount of luggage you are carrying. As a rule of thumb, small vehicles are ideal for individuals and couples, while a large family or group of five or more tends to feel a lot more comfortable in an SUV-style vehicle. For larger groups, you will, of course, need to rent something bigger like a van or minivan.

Consider Vehicle Type

It is also good to consider the type of activities you will be doing while visiting Tweed Heads. Car rental companies usually have an assortment of vehicle types to pick and choose from including work vehicles like pickup trucks with drop sides. This type of functional vehicle can be ideal for doing heavy lifting when you visit the city.

Legal Requirements for Driving a Car in Tweed Heads

International visitors should be cautious when renting a vehicle in a foreign country. There are some occasions when your driver’s license might not be accepted. For example, drivers must be over 21 years of age before they can rent a vehicle. Your vehicle license should also be in English, it should include a photo and signature, and it should be a proper license and not a driver’s permit. If you are visiting from certain countries, you might need a ‘visiting driver’s license’ before you will be able to drive around in the country.

Leading Car Rental Agency in Tweed Heads

These tips are all terrific for easing your journey and helping you find a suitable vehicle. However, if you need some advice regarding the right vehicle type or want to book a vehicle urgently then it is best to reach out to Boyds Bay Car Rentals right away.

Our company can recommend a suitable vehicle for you and are happy to assist with other travelling needs like airport transfers or vehicle delivery services. Give us a call and find out more about our incredible range of high-quality vehicles.

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